Agriculture and food production systems are unsustainable at present, contributing significantly to environmental degradation, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture and food systems need to be transformed to meet sustainable development (eg. SDGs) and climate change challenges (e.g. Paris Agreement) over the next decades.

Viridian Seeds aims to generate improved varieties of super-legumes which will transition agriculture and food production to a more sustainable future, while accelerating the dietary transition to plant based diets. Our mission is to create super-legumes to provide sustainable source of healthy plant protein and nutrition.

Taking a unique and powerful approach, Viridian Seeds uses its next generation TILLING platform for generation of new improved lines of legumes that have lower carbon footprints (e.g. 50% reduction), higher yields, and improved nutritional characteristics. We combine our skills in genetics, genomics (e.g. TILLING and genome editing) and environmental footprinting to develop legumes to benefit farmers, consumers and the planet. Through our genomics assisted TILLING workflows we generate super-legumes that are non-GMO nature-based solutions to pressing sustainability challenges.

Our long-term aim is to make agriculture and food systems greener!